One Young World, the global hub for young leaders, has been instrumental in empowering and
connecting young change-makers around the world. At the heart of this
transformative organization is Kate Robertson, one of its co-founders, who has
dedicated her life to supporting and inspiring the next generation of leaders. 

With a mission to accelerate social impact, One Young World gathers young leaders from over 190
countries and 250 organizations at its annual summits. These summits, often
graced by prominent figures such as Meghan Markle and Kofi Annan, offer a
platform for young leaders to showcase their ideas and drive positive change. 

Kate Robertson’s vision goes beyond the four-day summit. She believes in creating
a lasting impact by providing year-round opportunities for young leaders.
Through scholarships and partnerships, One Young World ensures accessibility
for young leaders from diverse backgrounds, making the events truly
representative of global youth leadership. 

Speaking about the organization, Kate Robertson emphasizes the importance of diversity and
inclusion. She understands that true leadership comes in many forms and
celebrates the richness of ideas that emerge from different cultures,
backgrounds, and fields of work. By fostering a comprehensive dialogue on
global issues, One Young World sparks collaboration and innovation that transcends barriers. 

As a co-founder, Kate Robertson cherishes the magic of the summits and the connections made between young
leaders and world-renowned mentors. She believes in the potential of young
leaders to drive positive change and address complex challenges. By providing
unparalleled access to role models and inspiring speakers, One Young World
empowers young leaders to make a difference in their communities and beyond. 

In conclusion, Kate Robertson’s dedication to youth leadership through One Young World has created
a platform for young change-makers to connect, learn, and collaborate. With a
focus on diversity, inclusivity, and year-round support, One Young World
continues to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders. As we look to
the future, let us celebrate the vision and impact of Kate Robertson and the
remarkable work of One Young World in shaping a better world through youth

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