Payment methods that cannot be seen or touched appear futuristic to most people. Also, a day does not go by when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies make the news. Regardless of the currency’s highs and lows, it will change how we do business. Jason Hope reveals why companies will start adopting this new currency.

E-commerce Needs

The e-commerce industry will benefit from using digital currency. One reason is lower transaction fees. Businesses pay a transaction fee whenever a customer makes an online purchase. However, as activist investor Jason Hope comments, when customers pay with a digital currency, the transaction fee is free or as high as 1%. Credit card transaction fees can be as high as 5%. Not having a transaction fee is a major plus for any business in the e-commerce industry.

Safety Matters

A business hit by a cyber attack can lose the public’s trust, Jason Hope adds. Today, people are worried about scams and having their personal information compromised. Digital currency enables customers another option instead of using their credit cards. Businesses not only need to worry about cyberattacks, but they need to worry about fraudulent transactions. Often, Jason Hope shares, companies bear the responsibility for the behavior.

Future Investment Opportunities
Entrepreneurs rely on private capital fundraising to get their projects off the ground. Cryptocurrency is now another option. As Jason Hope finally comments, it serves as a way for entrepreneurs to have a chance for more growth. Also, investment entrepreneurs will have a path to invest in new technology and products that they could not invest in before.