Securus Technologies A Correctional Company Trusted by Thousands of Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is known for developing some of the most remarkable correctional technologies that have not only helped in keeping the prisons safe but has also helped the inmates as well as the correctional officers in ways more than one. The inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies helps in keeping the inmates connected with the outside world and their friends and family members; whereas the investigative technology by Securus Technologies ensures that the correctional and law enforcement agencies can use technology to their advantage to arrest the criminals. Securus Technologies continually tries to develop new and advanced technologies for the corrections space, which would help in making the prison environment safer for the inmates as well as the corrections personnel.


The world of technology is progressing at a rapid pace, and unfortunately, the technology is used not only for positive actions and things but by criminals as well to carry out mischievous acts that put civilians in danger. One such example is the use of drones to supply contraband items to the prison. More and more correctional facilities have been reporting that the influx of contraband supplies has been increasing in the past few years, and it is primarily due to the increase in the use of drones by the criminals. The drones are the small flying objects that are used to survey as well as carry and transport a small number of loads. The drones used by the criminals have been supplying the inmates with the contraband supplies, which also includes drugs, weapons, cash, and contraband phones. If this supply route is not stopped, then the lives of many inmates as well as the corrections officers can be in danger.


Securus Technologies recently announced that it has started testing the drone detection technology in some of the correctional facilities it serves. At present, Securus Technologies has contracts with more than 3,500 correctional services, a number that is expected to grow further as the company is planning massive expansion beyond North America in the next few years. The results after the installation of the drone detection technology have been as expected and no unauthorized drones have been able to get through the security perimeter without being detected. Along with the drone detection technology, Securus Technologies also launched the wireless containment system that is designed by the company to eliminate the use of contraband phones inside the prison. Many prisoners are caught each year with the contraband phones, and it has been puzzling for the corrections officers as to where they get their contraband phones.


However, with the wireless containment system, the corrections officers can be sure that no contraband phones would ever be able to make or receive any call inside the prison. The technologies offered by Securus Technologies are futuristic, and the fact that they continue to upgrade it is why many correctional facilities trust the company blindly.