Rocketship Education is Effectively Expanding to more Students all Around the Nation

Rocketship Education is also known as Rocketship Public Schools it was started in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner. This charter school was renamed to Rocketship Public Schools in 2017 but remains a charter school-based system. Rocketship was created to give underprivileged students a chance to make it in the field of education. So far, the organization has accomplished its goal.

Despite critics and some setbacks, Rocketship education has emerged to become a successful U.S. school system. A few key organizations and donors have given Rocketship funding to further expand its school locations throughout the United States. This school system is now a major player in the field of education.

Rocketship has multiple locations in California. The original building for this charter school organization was opened in the city of San Jose. Overtime, Rocketship was able to expand into cities such as Milwaukee, Washington D.C., Memphis, Indianapolis and New Orleans. The system has many more locations throughout the country and now serves over 25,000 students from low-income communities.

By the way, not every person that attends Rocketship comes from a low-income household. A few of the students that attend this school, live in middle-class neighborhoods. Their parents sent them to a Rocketship Education charter school because they recognize the value of the education that is being offered.

Andre Agassi, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and the former Obama Administration gave millions of dollars to this charter organization. These are just some of the top level public personalities, business leaders and premiere organizations that also realize the value that Rocketship brings to underprivileged people.

Rocketship Education expansion projects are picking up because the school’s process is working. High profile donors would not be backing this organization if they were not making a difference. Rocketship education has consistently proved itself as a top priority education operation for low-income people. The schools are expected to grow because they are proven models of success.