The Generous Life Of Shiraz Boghani Awarded Hotelier Of The Year

In the hospitality industry there is an award given to individuals that indicate exactly how hard working they are and how much their work in the hospitality industry has contributed to the growth, development, and achievements of hotel success. Shiraz Boghani is someone who has an amazing track record in execution of his role as Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group.

As Chairman he has been recognized as changing how many hoteliers operate their businesses in the hospitality industry. And it is because of these achievements that Mr. Boghani has been awarded the Hotelier of the year in 2016.

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With in the United Kingdom Mr. Boghani currently manages the operations of over 19 hotels while being the Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group. It was through his supervision that the role played him helped market and elevate the industry to a level of success that rivaled no other in that era. The hospitality industry fit Mr. Boghani extremely well and enabled it to succeed even though operating over 19 hotels all at one time. He would attribute most of his success he poured into the business because of the experience and qualifications he obtained over the years. These qualities include skills such as accounting and many other career qualifications that was instilled into staff in each hotel. The powerful staff led to monumental change in the hotel business.

In addition to serving in this large capacity. Shiraz Boghani also serves as Chairman for Sussex Health Care. Sussex health Care is leading Care for the elderly and individuals with disabilities in the society. Often taking care of friends and family can difficult. Sussex Health Care understands this struggle and built this service to lend a helping hand to those eager to deliver the best and most loving expert care for families.

Shiraz Boghani has incorporated more than 500 people into the organization and delivered quality expert service to them. The work he does effects the community directly and indirectly. Many see his humanitarian efforts and since seeing his work now began forming their own organizations to help the community in a similar fashion.

Throughout the life of Shiraz Boghani we see that he has been very strongly committed to creating infrastructures that make a positive change in the community and worldwide. He has and will continue to donate time and money to many charitable causes while using his leadership to transform the world into a more generous and compassionate place.

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A World Leader in Financial Solutions

NexBank, a regional bank in Dallas had announced that it was going to sponsor the 32nd Annual Luncheon of the Dallas Women Foundation. With a donation of 100,000 dollars, the bank would reinforce the foundation in enriching the economic security and leadership of women. The Annual Luncheon happened at Hilton Anatole, Dallas on October 20, 2017. The event featured a vital address from Dr. Hope Jahren, one of the Influential People featured by the Top 100 TIME Magazine. Dr. Hope is also an award-winning scientist and a best-selling author.

This defining moment was live-streamed to more than 10,000 students and 20 schools within North Texas. The Dallas Women Foundation hosts this event yearly with more than 1300 community, business and civic leaders in attendance. It’s also the highest women’s fund in the region and a reliable partner in advancing economic and social changes for both women and girls.

NexBank SSB is a regional banking institution with assets amounting to 6.4 billion dollars. It provides institutional services, mortgage banking, and commercial banking, to meet the needs of its customers, which include institutional customers, financial companies, and institutions across the country. NexBank is part of a financial services corporation known as NexBank Capital, Inc.

Through its commitment to its clients and industry leadership, NetBank strives to give a unique solution at every opportunity. The company delivers unbeatable access to custom-made and high-tech solutions to its customers through its experienced experts with reputable track records of banking success. NexBank SSB has maintained a client-focused approach for almost ten decades. It is a reliable banking partner to persons and families throughout Texas, and it treasures the need for responsive and personalized banking solutions.

The team of employees at NexBank combines their financial skills and expertise with an array of products to give the clients an outstanding banking experience. These bankers take their time to assess your present financial objectives and status to create appropriate strategies to efficiently manage your cash flow and complement your wealth strategy as well.

NexBank also offers various deposit and cash management services. These services are custom-tailored to ensure they meet your personal banking needs. The primary objective of NexBank is to provide clients with the best banking products to enhance the management, growth, and protection of your funds.

Lawrence Bender Professional Career Journey

Lawrence Bender has to be one of the greatest film producers that this generation has ever seen. Some of his spectacular works include Inglorious Basterds, Good Will Hunting, and Pulp Fiction. Despite being great at film producing, he wasn’t always into the arts like he is now. In fact, he didn’t really get into them until after college

Lawrence Bender was born in The Bronx, New York City, New York to a Jewish family. When he was in high school, it was his goal to go to school and become a civil engineer. His grandfather was a civil engineer and he knew that there were great jobs in this field. So, he decided to enroll at the University of Maine to pursue a degree in civil engineering. He graduated in 1979.

After graduation, Lawrence Bender wanted to become a professional dancer. However, on his journey, he obtained an injury that permanently sidelined him from his dream. The good news is that he found another outlet which was producing films.

Like I said earlier, Lawrence Bender has produced many hit films. Despite how great all of them were, I’d have to say that Good Will Hunting was my favorite. In the film, Will Hunting grows up as an orphan with only his brothers by his side. In fact, his brothers are his best friends. Growing up, he is frequently abused both emotionally and physically. When he grows up, Hunting works as a janitor at MIT. He works the late shift so no students or faculty are there. While in the hallway one night, Hunting solves a very difficult problem that astounds both student and faculty alike. A professor then tracks down Hunting. That professor is Sean Maguire. Maguire becomes Hunting’s mentor, guiding him through some of life’s hardest challenges. In the end, it is Hunting’s ability to overcome these challenges that makes the movie so great.

Another film that I like of Benders in An Inconvenient Truth. In the film, politician Al Gore talks about global warming and the effects that humans are having on this planet. All in all, it is a great work with statistics backing it up.

Alex Pall, Aptitude In Composition

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make up the majority of what is known as The Chainsmokers which is a DJ collaboration that entails a plethora of different mixes in to the gender of electronics and hip hop influence. They met in The Big Apple known as the city of New York and the sparks of genius became apparent as they discussed their wishes and musical cravings to ambitiously dominate their craft and profession as well as take it to the next level in advanced stages. They already became aware of what did not work for other musicians and they studied hard to catch trends of what was going to be desired by consumers everywhere before jumping into the adventure of a lifetime. It was hard for Alex Pall to pursue a life in music where it was often considered to be nothing but a pipe dream to become famous from doing what one loves in their lifetime. The duo met by destiny and by their consequent actions it was nothing more than fate that they paired up in the right place at the right time. Andrew Taggart before the enevitable struck was an active pupil in the sector of education where he had been practicing his gift of working out the kinks to his music fascinations, especially when it came to the style of electronic sounding beats on the disc jockey. Yes, he and Alex Poll both became side gig enthusiasts before catching fire with each other in the cooperative effort and work required to hand craft the beautiful pieces of art available everywhere on this planet today. Their art such as Paris, Roses, and Sick Boy grabbed the attention of the internet at once with their well contemplated efforts in finding meaning to the things in life that moved them as artists.

Madison Street Capital: Domestic Investments

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that operates on a global scale. They’re working with thousands of clients, yet somehow, they’re genuinely focused on their clients’ successes. It’s not about getting their own profits; it’s about making sure every client is set up for the best end result.

With every new project, they get to approach new problems in unconventional ways. That doesn’t mean they’re taking unnecessary risks. They’re just focused more on their client’s goals than their own. It’s because of that dedication and trusted experienced that so many of their clients’ loyalties are unwavering.

Over the last few months, over a dozen states have been hit with some of the worst storms the United States has seen in 100 years. Most of the damage people have seen has all been physical damage to property and lives lost. People haven’t really thought about the economic and cultural damage that’s been done.

As many places face floods and landslides, the number of schools and businesses washed away is growing by the day. By the time all the storms stopped, entire communities were faced with problems they’d be dealing with for the next few years.

Thanks to organizations like United Way and its United Ways of the Midwest and South Disaster Fund, the smaller communities have a chance to rebuild their lives much faster. At first, United Ways started out by providing the basics of necessities: food, water, medicine, clothing, and shelter.

Now, it’s beginning to focus on more long-term recovery issues: education, financial stability, and long-term health problems. With the help of companies like Madison Street Capital, these communities stand a chance at restoring their economic independence much faster than they expected. Right now, the focus is making a beneficial difference in these people’s lives.

Making those kinds of impacts is why Madison Street Capital has repeatedly honored at the M&A Advisors Awards Gala. Last November, Madison Street Capital won the Debt Financing Deal of the Year award after advising WLR Automotive on one of their transactions. Madison Street Capital was also nominated for two other awards but didn’t win those.

Charles Botchway, CEO of Madison Street Capital, gave all the credit to the team that handled the deal. He especially praised Barry Peterson, Senior Managing Director who led that team. He also thanked WLR Automotives and their representatives.

Securus Technologies A Correctional Company Trusted by Thousands of Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is known for developing some of the most remarkable correctional technologies that have not only helped in keeping the prisons safe but has also helped the inmates as well as the correctional officers in ways more than one. The inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies helps in keeping the inmates connected with the outside world and their friends and family members; whereas the investigative technology by Securus Technologies ensures that the correctional and law enforcement agencies can use technology to their advantage to arrest the criminals. Securus Technologies continually tries to develop new and advanced technologies for the corrections space, which would help in making the prison environment safer for the inmates as well as the corrections personnel.


The world of technology is progressing at a rapid pace, and unfortunately, the technology is used not only for positive actions and things but by criminals as well to carry out mischievous acts that put civilians in danger. One such example is the use of drones to supply contraband items to the prison. More and more correctional facilities have been reporting that the influx of contraband supplies has been increasing in the past few years, and it is primarily due to the increase in the use of drones by the criminals. The drones are the small flying objects that are used to survey as well as carry and transport a small number of loads. The drones used by the criminals have been supplying the inmates with the contraband supplies, which also includes drugs, weapons, cash, and contraband phones. If this supply route is not stopped, then the lives of many inmates as well as the corrections officers can be in danger.


Securus Technologies recently announced that it has started testing the drone detection technology in some of the correctional facilities it serves. At present, Securus Technologies has contracts with more than 3,500 correctional services, a number that is expected to grow further as the company is planning massive expansion beyond North America in the next few years. The results after the installation of the drone detection technology have been as expected and no unauthorized drones have been able to get through the security perimeter without being detected. Along with the drone detection technology, Securus Technologies also launched the wireless containment system that is designed by the company to eliminate the use of contraband phones inside the prison. Many prisoners are caught each year with the contraband phones, and it has been puzzling for the corrections officers as to where they get their contraband phones.


However, with the wireless containment system, the corrections officers can be sure that no contraband phones would ever be able to make or receive any call inside the prison. The technologies offered by Securus Technologies are futuristic, and the fact that they continue to upgrade it is why many correctional facilities trust the company blindly.



Dr. Saad Saad Hard Working and Excellent Paediatric Surgeon with a Heart of Gold

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the leading pediatric surgeons who has spent 47 years in the medical field before retiring. He has spent most of his life working for the benefit of his patient and aimed to provide the patient’s family with the comfort they needed during difficult times. In a recent interview, Dr. Saad shared some of the essential life lessons that have made him so successful in the medical industry for all these years. Learn more:



Dr. Saad spent his early childhood days in Palestine where he was born in the late 1940s. It was a difficult time for the locals there as they were being relocated because of the volatility in the political scenario. His father worked for a petroleum agency in the Middle East and used to travel for work a lot. It was during one such time that his mother had to leave her home with her eight children as they were being transferred to the West Bank and nothing but a few clothes. His father returned from work and could find them only after searching for them for many hours. His father was highly skilled mechanic whose services were in high demand during that time. He then moved to Kuwait with his family, and Dr. Saad spent most of his childhood there. It was during this time he learned that it is the skills and the education of a personthat matters the most and can help any person get out of a difficult situation.



Dr. Saad had an elder brother who worked at a construction site. He was still in high school that time and had no idea what he wanted to do in life. When he was sitting with his brother at the site seeing him work, he had a heat stroke and fainted. It was then he knew that he was not meant for labor work. During that time, there was just one place that had an air conditioner in the entire city, and it was the operating room at the hospital. It was then he put his hard work into becoming one of the best pediatric surgeons. It was his determination that led him to choose a career and work hard to achieve it.



Dr. Saad earned his medical degree from Cairo University and then came to England for an internship. After his internship was completed, he shifted base to the US and completed his residency in surgery and pediatric surgery after which he could practice in the United States. Apart from conducting many successful complicated surgeries, he was also an inventor and has a patent for two surgical procedures. He has also served at Medical Missions to Jerusalem where he performed surgeries for free to those from a low-income background.

Dick Devos is Top Leader in Business and is Known as a Mega-Philanthropist in Michigan

Devos is an extremely well-known name in Grand Rapids, Michigan as well as in the national Republican party. Richard Devos Sr. is the founder and CEO of Amway Corporation, and as Dick was being raised to take his father’s reigns in the company, but as fate would have it, his destiny changed.


In 1991, a plan from an investor emerged who wanted to build a convention center and sports arena north of downtown. When Dick heard of this, he was instantly reminded of the mass construction of the Pontiac Silverdome and the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit during the 1970s.


No sooner was the construction completed than the two professional ball teams, the Lions and Pistons, moved out of the city. The economic blow that Detroit took was huge, and Dick said that the lesson had been forgotten, and he wouldn’t let it happen to Grand Rapids, too. Immediately, he began lobbying against it, and the plan was stopped.


Dick DeVos, was CEO of Amway from 1993 to 2002, but while he was campaigning against the arena, he met several top businessmen who later formed “Grand Action,” that consisted of strategic business leaders who were also behind five significant milestones that were created in Grand Rapids: the DeVos Place Convention Center, the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Performance Hall, Michigan State University’s medical school and the Grand Rapids City Market.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have worked both together and independently throughout their careers to change institutions and state and local policies. These formed the structure of both Grand Rapids and Michigan. Under their leadership, the skyline of Grand Rapid has changed, but in addition to being a strategic businessman, the Devos Family Foundation has donated over $139 million since 1989.


The charities and causes they contributed to were directed toward political and education reform. They also contributed to arts and culture, health services, churches, and policy initiatives focused on charter schools. Dick Devos and his wife are known as mega-donors in the Republican Party, which has led them to be especially influencial in the political areana.


When Trump became the 45th president of the United States, he appointed Betsy Devos as the secretary of the U.S. Department of Education because of her experience in changing laws and stautes of the Michigan education system for the better. She is now proud to say that the poor children in Michigan have the same educational opportunities as her children.


Dick Devos is a talented pilot who founded a charter high school based in aviation on the Grand Rapids International Airport. This combined his love for flying with the charter high school that the Devoses worked so diligently in changing state statutes.


Dick and Betsy are not ashamed to say that they have had some failures, but as business leaders they refused to give up. Today, there are 24 states that have vouchers for private schools, so all children can have equal educations.


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Newswatch and Review: your consumer and business friend.

Newswatch is a fairly young trusted news company , who made its debut in 1990. In its dynamic style, the show keeps you updated on the latest gadgets on technology,

medical breakthroughs, finance, travel, new product introductions, public policy issues, entertainment, automotive, celebrities (over 650 so far), charities, legal issues and much more.

Also well known on almost all social media, Newswatch presently airs weekly mornings on the ION Network with bi-monthly episodes on The AMC Network. It can be reach by as many as 95 millions people from all over the US and major cities. It has won many prestigious awards, notably the “Telly Awards”. They are located in the Washington, DC area.

Is NewsWatch TV Legit? A Review of NewsWatch TV

However, Newswatch’s biggest attraction of all is the low cost of marketing, reviews, this company offers. Loved by small and big business alike, fortune 500 companies such as Sony, Panasonic, Audi, Google and Ford, just to name a few. While most other companies charge 20 to 30 thousands dollars for marketing on their shows, Newswatch charges a fraction of that, by smartly consulting the clients needs, location and demands of their products, therefore targeting a unique audience, keeping the budget inline with the one of the client, and by lowering the spending cost of business by keeping everything done “in house” by their own production team.


Newswatch is truly a pioneer in the news and marketing business for all people. And a true friend for businesses big and small, on track for a very bright consistent future.


Paul Wesleys’ Road to Success

Paul Wesley, even though he is just 35 years old, he has been making a name for himself as an actor, producer and a director. I’m sure that his parents Tomasz Wasilewski and Agnieszka Wesilewski are very proud of their son. Paul has a total of three siblings, one older sister Monika, and two younger sisters, Julia and Leah, he is the second child out of the four that his parents had.
paul wesley
Paul graduated high school in 2000, and after attending Rutgers University he was offered a lot of roles in theatrical that is when started noticing he had serious acting potential. He chose to stop his studies and pursue his abilities in acting. Paul’s’ confidence grew due to he kept landing acting jobs in many different series and with different networks.
paul wesley
Paul has many accomplishments on his road to success; he started acting, producing, and directing movies. Here are at least three of his accomplishments’. He produced and co-starred in the movie “Before I Disappear” which he was nominated for the Supporting Actor in 2014. This is about a troubled young man and his straight-laced niece who embarks on a thrilling odyssey through New York City, this is a heartrending drama. Paul is also is starring in the play “Cal in Camo” where he plays Flynt, which is Cal’s brother and has suffered severe tragedy and loss so he’s very vulnerable. Paul is playing in the romantic comedy film, Admira and Sam, where a cross-cultural love story about an army veteran whose unlikely romance with an Iraqi immigrant. The twist comes when she faces being deported. These are only three of Paul’s accomplishments on his way up the ladder.
paul wesley
Paul has a passion for acting, producing and directing that I am sure we have not heard the last of what he will do next. Paul is a very talented young man that still has a lot to give to his career. You have to hand it to him; once he found where he was most talented at, he pursued it to its fullest.