Lori Senecal, The Marketing Guru

Lori Senecal is a popular marketing professional and a chief executive officer. She has achieved a lot in her career. Lori is passionate about writing new ideas and marketing. She is interested in photography, entrepreneurship, politics, and technology. Her range of interests blends in with her career. This makes her an admirable person. She is ranked by Ad Week as one of the highly-paid individuals with an impressive profile. Her determination and expertise have enabled her to build her career from scratch to where it is now. Lori has sat on different boards with different governs in her line of duty, and this has enabled her to develop an interest in politics.

Lori is the president of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners. Kirshenbaum Senecal is a company that advises firms on methods of marketing and creating a lasting brand name in the industry. She has worked with some of the reputable organizations in the world including BMW. Her work is incomparable. She offers services that other businesses do not provide. The role of marketing in any firm cannot be underestimated. Consumers love to be associated with a brand in this new era. This leaves companies with no option other than to develop strategies to improve their products. Lori enables these companies to facilitate their visions by advising them on the best marketing strategies.

Lori’s experience demonstrates that her leadership capability cannot be compared with other leaders. Her ability to develop other people and tapping the best of their skills makes it easy for her to work towards achieving her professional goals. Her zeal and determination to be the best have given her the authority that she commands as a profession. She has managed to make what many people would not achieve when given the challenge.

Lori has proven to be hardworking and smart at what she does. She interlinks technology with marketing and produces the best blend for the current market. Avoiding to embrace technology in industries makes a company irrelevant in the current market. Lori creates marketing strategies using the technological advances that are at her exposure. She enjoys discovering and writing about new ideas. This is a peculiar character that enables her to manage all her roles and give her the best without being resourceful in any of her roles. Lori is a model of the rewards that come along with hard work and persistence.

Reference: https://about.me/lori-senecal-official

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