Igor Cornelsen’s Career

On October, 4th, 1947, an investment advisor was born at Curitiba, Brazil. This man was Igor Cornelsen who has influenced the decisions of many companies in the country and abroad today. Igor Cornelsen enrolled in the Federal University of Parana in 1965 to study engineering. At this time this institution was the only one in Parana and Santa Catarina that offered engineering degrees. Therefore, that Igor Cornelsen managed to get a chance at the institution means that he had outstanding qualifications. Barely two years after enrolling into the university, he made a bold decision of discarding engineering and instead took up an economics degree at the same institution.

Igor graduated in 1970 and immediately got a job at an investment bank. During this era, it was common practice for graduating engineers to take jobs in financial institutions. This was due to their ability to calculate compound interest with sliding rates easily. This skill was highly heralded as there was minimal use of calculators and computers as it is in the present times.

Igor had an outstanding career as an investment banker that grew from strength to strength. His exceptional skills were noticed, and he gained promotion to being a member of the board of directors of Multibanco. This was in 1974. Two years later, Igor Cornelsen achieved what he may never have dreamt of before in his banking career. He was appointed as the CEO in Multibanco as they directors were impressed with his management skills.

In 1978, Multibanco was purchased by Bank of America. This brought an opportunity for him to pursue other business interests. He later joined Unibanco that was one of the leading investment firms in Brazil at the time. Igor worked at Unibanco until 1985 when he left for Libra Bank PLC. This institution operated under London Merchant Bank. Igor once again left this institution and joined Standard Chartered Bank. He was appointed as the bank’s representative in his native Brazil. Igor worked for this bank up until 1995 when he quit employment to begin his investment firm. His company has soared immensely since then. Much of this success can be attributed to his experience working for the investment companies.

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