How Jacob Gottlieb is Using Altium Capital to Impact Change in the Healthcare Investment Industry

The healthcare investment sector attributes most of its growth to the number of companies set up to support its causes. One of these ventures is Altium Capital, an NYC-based firm that invests on opportunities that impact growth in the industry. Jacob Gottlieb is the brains behind Altium, which operates as an investment fund. Gottlieb is on a mission of supporting ventures making fruitful health and medical advances through his company.

Altium Capital is reputable for investing in enterprises such as Oragenics, Amarin Corporation, and Oramed Pharmaceuticals. The company bought a 5.61 percent share in Oramed, which develops an oral treatment substitute for injectable diabetes medication. Oramed’s released ORMD-0801 and ORMD-0901 as its flagship orally ingestible insulin pills.

Altium invested in Arium for developing AMR-101, which is an FDA-approved omega-3 fatty acid prescription drug. Jacob Gottlieb is certain that Altium’s investment in Oragenics will help the company develop more therapies for oral diseases including oral mucositis. Oragenics has several patented technologies for developing antibiotics for tackling bacterial strains.

Jacob Gottlieb’s Career Background

Gottlieb started Visium Asset Management back in 2005 as a hedge fund. Visium’s value increased to $8 billion eleven years later as the company expanded to London, NYC and San Fransisco. Gottlieb also helped Balyasny Asset Management become profitable prior to his involvement with Visium. He worked as a buy-side analyst for Stanford C. Bernstein and a portfolio manager for NYC-based Merlin.

Jacob Gottlieb earned an MD from New York University and a BA in Economics from Brown University. He also took a medical internship before deciding to venture into the healthcare investment industry. The Professional Risk Managers’ International Association awarded him a P.R.M designation in 2010 nine years after he got his Chartered Financial Analyst certification from the reputable Association for Investment Management and Research. Gottlieb uses his investment and medical expertise to help Altium Capital choose suitable healthcare enterprises that need financial support.