Alex Pall, Aptitude In Composition

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make up the majority of what is known as The Chainsmokers which is a DJ collaboration that entails a plethora of different mixes in to the gender of electronics and hip hop influence. They met in The Big Apple known as the city of New York and the sparks of genius became apparent as they discussed their wishes and musical cravings to ambitiously dominate their craft and profession as well as take it to the next level in advanced stages. They already became aware of what did not work for other musicians and they studied hard to catch trends of what was going to be desired by consumers everywhere before jumping into the adventure of a lifetime. It was hard for Alex Pall to pursue a life in music where it was often considered to be nothing but a pipe dream to become famous from doing what one loves in their lifetime. The duo met by destiny and by their consequent actions it was nothing more than fate that they paired up in the right place at the right time. Andrew Taggart before the enevitable struck was an active pupil in the sector of education where he had been practicing his gift of working out the kinks to his music fascinations, especially when it came to the style of electronic sounding beats on the disc jockey. Yes, he and Alex Poll both became side gig enthusiasts before catching fire with each other in the cooperative effort and work required to hand craft the beautiful pieces of art available everywhere on this planet today. Their art such as Paris, Roses, and Sick Boy grabbed the attention of the internet at once with their well contemplated efforts in finding meaning to the things in life that moved them as artists.

Securus Technologies A Correctional Company Trusted by Thousands of Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is known for developing some of the most remarkable correctional technologies that have not only helped in keeping the prisons safe but has also helped the inmates as well as the correctional officers in ways more than one. The inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies helps in keeping the inmates connected with the outside world and their friends and family members; whereas the investigative technology by Securus Technologies ensures that the correctional and law enforcement agencies can use technology to their advantage to arrest the criminals. Securus Technologies continually tries to develop new and advanced technologies for the corrections space, which would help in making the prison environment safer for the inmates as well as the corrections personnel.


The world of technology is progressing at a rapid pace, and unfortunately, the technology is used not only for positive actions and things but by criminals as well to carry out mischievous acts that put civilians in danger. One such example is the use of drones to supply contraband items to the prison. More and more correctional facilities have been reporting that the influx of contraband supplies has been increasing in the past few years, and it is primarily due to the increase in the use of drones by the criminals. The drones are the small flying objects that are used to survey as well as carry and transport a small number of loads. The drones used by the criminals have been supplying the inmates with the contraband supplies, which also includes drugs, weapons, cash, and contraband phones. If this supply route is not stopped, then the lives of many inmates as well as the corrections officers can be in danger.


Securus Technologies recently announced that it has started testing the drone detection technology in some of the correctional facilities it serves. At present, Securus Technologies has contracts with more than 3,500 correctional services, a number that is expected to grow further as the company is planning massive expansion beyond North America in the next few years. The results after the installation of the drone detection technology have been as expected and no unauthorized drones have been able to get through the security perimeter without being detected. Along with the drone detection technology, Securus Technologies also launched the wireless containment system that is designed by the company to eliminate the use of contraband phones inside the prison. Many prisoners are caught each year with the contraband phones, and it has been puzzling for the corrections officers as to where they get their contraband phones.


However, with the wireless containment system, the corrections officers can be sure that no contraband phones would ever be able to make or receive any call inside the prison. The technologies offered by Securus Technologies are futuristic, and the fact that they continue to upgrade it is why many correctional facilities trust the company blindly.



Securus Technologies’ Facility Customers Comment on Using Technology to Solve and Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies is one of the few companies in the United States with the highest levels of excellence when it comes to delivering high-end customer service experience. For the company, they have always strived to access better business values in a manner that is not depicted in the business world. Few people have achieved the level of business satisfaction expected to give rise to achievements in the business world. Securus Technologies is also one of the most reputable companies operating in the inmate industry. Securus Technologies has business contracts with more than 50 state and federal inmate facilities across the United States and some parts of Canada.


Securus Technologies has also decided to open an invitation towards solving the problems their clients are going through on a massive scale. This is perhaps the reason why their business solutions are adopted on a massive scale. Securus Technologies has also opened the invitation to receive the views of their clients on using the technology provided to them by Securus Technologies. This is one of the few things the company does to solve the business access solutions in a manner that depicts better business. The company is also committed to the provision of technology solutions that are geared towards modernizing the correctional experience across all the facilities they operate.


Securus Technologies is a leader in the provision of criminal and civil justice solutions across the world. For this reason, they have always managed to assimilate working business solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Perhaps this is the reason why their services are adopted on a massive scale in the industry. Securus Technologies is a company that fosters investigations and public safety towards solving the problems facing their clients across the United States. This also explains their adoption curve as it achieves the best business solution in the industry.


Apprehending a Dangerous Criminal Using the Securus Technologies Software

Once a convict escapes from jail, everyone is in danger because there is no telling what lengths this person will go to stay free. If this suspect is not apprehended in the first 24 hours, the chances of getting him back in jail decreases dramatically. I am on the force and we are responsible for rounding up escaped convicts quickly. Once the 48 hour deadline passes and we still do not have our suspect, we switch our approach and widen the search area.


During these investigations, I have to rely on a number of resources to try and get the suspect into custody. Most of the time, if I put out a big enough reward for information, those close to the suspect will come forward. If this does not work, we can monitor the communications between this suspect and his family or close network of friends. This can be a real challenge because the suspect knows he is hot right now and will usually lay low for a few weeks.


If the suspect is working alone, the public is in great danger because he needs to have food, money, and transportation, and he will do whatever it takes to get those items quickly. During our last chase, a fellow officer told me about Securus Technologies and how their communication and software has been effective and bringing certain suspects into custody.


The team trained me on the LBS software, and we put it to use right away. It was using the software that we discovered the suspect was not only talking with a family member, he was staying right under our noses. We set a trap and the suspect walked right into it, allowing us to take him to custody and off the streets where he put all our lives at risk.