The Quincy, On The Rocks?

The Quincy, located in New Brunswick, has been in the news in the past couple of years. The apartments and amenities seem to be the complete package. Close to town and the Amtrak station. Bike storage and plenty of parking. Not to mention a resident library and pet spa! From the inside you can find everything you need. But as far back as 2013, there has been a growing crime problem in the neighborhood.


One that seems particularly painful was the delivery man robbery in 2013. Gang member Paryish Wood was arrested for conducting a heist of a wallet, money, and pizza before escaping. After months of investigation, they were able to track the credit cards to the criminals. He was in possession of a handgun and pointed it at the delivery man before robbing him. Currently, Paryish is pending sentencing.


Unfortunately in 2015, another shooting incident occurred. At 9:30 pm there were a series of gunshots heard in the area. One man was taken to the hospital and treated for his gun wounds. Investigators are still unsure of who was responsible, but are facing harsh realities of growing crime in the area. All they have been left with are casings recovered at the scene the next day, and a vague description of a hooded man.


It seems like The Quincy is working to get it’s act together. Now they include things like a 24/7 emergency maintenance service and concierge to keep an eye out. It may not be the solution, but the start to solving any problem is admitting there is one.