Justin Brown of Brown’s Modeling Agency Started Off As A Model Too

Justin Brown is the founder of Brown’s Modeling Agency. He started out by modeling while he was in college. The type of modeling he did was called “fit modeling”. This type of modeling is where clothing is made for a specific body and they model the clothing. Brown modeled a lot of clothing that are called ‘skinny jeans’ now but were referred to as ‘rocker jeans’ back then. Justin went from making $6 an hour on the golf course to $100 an hour modeling.

His interest was the work that is done behind the camera. While he modeled various brands and did different jobs, he eventually moved up in the modeling world in the sub-field labeled ‘development and placement’. Brown begins to train other models so that they can act like the pros. His job was to help them find work or get them through graduation into the bigger scene. He and his office staff are currently overseeing the career of more than 450 new talents.

Justin Brown, grew up in a tiny town in California, called Susanville. He was shy as a child. But soon that shyness disappeared when he begin modeling. He learned the business as he went from one job to the next. This helped him become successful with his modeling agency.

In the year 2005, Brown decided that Austin would be where he would leave his mark. It was a big city but not the biggest. It held some of the industry there and that was where he wanted to grow his empire. With his experience already in place, this meant great accomplishments with the Brown’s Modeling agency. This opened the doors for introductions to bigger agencies on the east coast and the west coast.

The Brown Modeling Agency takes a 20% cut for the modeling jobs they set up. 15% is taken for nonunion commercial, TV, films, and or video jobs. For union jobs they take 10%. Most of the jobs given are local. In Austin, the type of look they go for are the alternative, cool, with the funky hair and tattoos. But in Dallas, they go for a more conservative look.

The Brown Modeling Agency has grown into the industry as a leader. Since the opening of the Brown’s Modeling Agency, local talent has been spotted modeling major brands from L’Oreal to Toyota. Justin Brown often quotes, “We are only as good as our talent”. The Brown’s Modeling Agency prides themselves by taking in great talent and training them so that they become professional, eloquent, models in a national industry.

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