Who is Alastair Borthwick?

Alastair Borthwick is a Scottish man of the arts most famous for his writings. In 1939, he wrote Always a Little Further . He began as a 16-year-old copywriter in Glasgow where he edited published works. The works were not in the genre that he most liked, but they ranged from family topics to topics for women. The economy shifted and he ended up in London working for the Daily Mirror then BBC. His producer James Fergusson introduced him to talk radio, which he also was naturally gifted in. Many people loved his voice and thought he did a great job at this as well. The show was 15 minutes long and had many listeners.

During his spare time, Alstiar climbed the mountains. This was a hobby he obtained from Fergusson, who he worked with at BBC. Due to his talent outdoors, he naturally signed up for the Wold War 2 in one of the Highlanders regimes. During his time in the military he quickly gained rank and respect and later became a lance corporal. He was a brave leader that lead hundreds of men until the end of the war.

Much of his time spend in the army was used to create story lines for his literature, which he is most successful for. He wrote war classics that are still in print today. One is called ‘Battalion: a British infantry unit’s actions from El Alamein to the Elbe, 1942-1945, which has wide spread acclaims and great reviews. This book is known to be one of the best war classics made. Alastair Borthwick used his real-life war experience to write great novels after the war. Because of his incredible experience there, he mixed both parts of his life to create well-written novels.

Alstiar Borthwick was known to be a man who used most of his talents in the arts and in the army. He passed away in 2003. He was a great Scottish artist, and always will be remembered.

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