Guilherme Paulus Domination In The Brazil Tourism Business

Owning a business is one of the many things that make someone feel self-fulfilled. This is because it gives the business owner income which makes them achieve financial freedom. Having a business, however, requires knowledge and skills in business in order to run a business successfully. A skilled mentor in business also plays a role in giving financial advice to a young entrepreneur who is looking forward to starting a business. In addition to that, a person also needs to do a thorough research about the business he or the wants to venture in.

The Brazilian hotelier, Guilherme Paulus, however, has had the passion in business since he was a young man. He decided to work on his passion by studying business administration in the University where he acquired a lot of knowledge and skills in business that has come in handy in his career. He has built a great reputation for himself by managing to start a tourism company that has become the biggest tourism company not only in Brazil but also in Latin America. He founded CVC which offers tourism services with his partner Carlos Vicente.

CVC would not have been founded if it was not for Mr. Carlos who provided capital to start the company through investments in it. Guilherme Paulus was then given the responsibility of running the company and proved to be good at it. His leadership skills and strategies in business made CVC become the greatest tourism company in Brazil. He further expanded the company when he made it go public. This was a great move since it increased the company’s capital and expanded the company making it possible to open up stores in many places in Brazil.

Through the leadership of Guilherme Paulus, CVC has managed to become the best tourism service provider in Brazil where it offers the best travel packages to its customers. In addition to that, the company has been able to put up a chain of hotels in Brazil. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Mr. Guilherme Paulus also ensures that he gives back to society. His company funds charitable organizations which have helped the society. He is truly an exemplary person whose qualities should be emulated by many.


The Generous Life Of Shiraz Boghani Awarded Hotelier Of The Year

In the hospitality industry there is an award given to individuals that indicate exactly how hard working they are and how much their work in the hospitality industry has contributed to the growth, development, and achievements of hotel success. Shiraz Boghani is someone who has an amazing track record in execution of his role as Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group.

As Chairman he has been recognized as changing how many hoteliers operate their businesses in the hospitality industry. And it is because of these achievements that Mr. Boghani has been awarded the Hotelier of the year in 2016.

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With in the United Kingdom Mr. Boghani currently manages the operations of over 19 hotels while being the Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group. It was through his supervision that the role played him helped market and elevate the industry to a level of success that rivaled no other in that era. The hospitality industry fit Mr. Boghani extremely well and enabled it to succeed even though operating over 19 hotels all at one time. He would attribute most of his success he poured into the business because of the experience and qualifications he obtained over the years. These qualities include skills such as accounting and many other career qualifications that was instilled into staff in each hotel. The powerful staff led to monumental change in the hotel business.

In addition to serving in this large capacity. Shiraz Boghani also serves as Chairman for Sussex Health Care. Sussex health Care is leading Care for the elderly and individuals with disabilities in the society. Often taking care of friends and family can difficult. Sussex Health Care understands this struggle and built this service to lend a helping hand to those eager to deliver the best and most loving expert care for families.

Shiraz Boghani has incorporated more than 500 people into the organization and delivered quality expert service to them. The work he does effects the community directly and indirectly. Many see his humanitarian efforts and since seeing his work now began forming their own organizations to help the community in a similar fashion.

Throughout the life of Shiraz Boghani we see that he has been very strongly committed to creating infrastructures that make a positive change in the community and worldwide. He has and will continue to donate time and money to many charitable causes while using his leadership to transform the world into a more generous and compassionate place.

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