Graeme Holm’s Achievements at Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm is the founder of Infinity Group Australia and came at a time when the people of Australia were on the lookout for an organization which would offer alternative credit facilities. The company decided to venture into the business world with a lot of passion. Graeme is also a renowned investment broker and has been ranked as the topmost aggressive brokers in the world. He possesses a masters degree in business administration and has been in the investment and financial industry for almost one decade now.


Infinity Group was established in 2013 and was able to offer alternative banking to members of Cronulla, Bella Vista, Melbourne and also Port Macquarie. Graeme Holm possesses a wide range of experience in the finance industry and has been able to bring tremendous changes at the company. He possesses incredible leadership skills that have been able to work together with over 5o employees who have subsequently been honored for their commitment and pursuit for excellence in the finance industry as well as the customer’s experience sector. He has been able to work with the world’s biggest banks that have introduced him to great reality in his career.



Graeme Holm introduced the company when he realized that the people of Australia had been receiving poor services in the banking sector. Having worked in the banking industry, he knew that a lot needed to be done for the benefit of the rising credits industry. He wanted to create a platform that would enable potential clients to feel that their desire to acquire cheap loans was fulfilled. Graeme was motivated by his wife Rebecca who also possessed a wide range of experience in the credit industry. The wife has had a passion for helping the Australians and they both united towards creating a firm foundation.


The primary services and activities being offered by the company was providing retirement solutions and also wealth creation. Since the establishment, the people of Australia have managed to pay off their loans in a fast manner. This is because of the support and the professional advice they receive from Infinity Group. The company can receive monthly reviews regarding their budget which makes them have discipline while investing their money.


Infinity Group under the leadership of Graeme Holm has managed to grow from strength to strength and has delivered the company through various challenges. He has been able to announce publicly that majority of investors love the company because of the affordable services they offer to their clients. Their clients have managed to spend their time very well with their families and have also been able to attend their jobs with the assurance that their bills are catered for.


Graeme Holm has been able to recognize and acknowledge the efforts applied by their customer services desk. They can market the company with their professional customer experience services under the committed leadership of Graeme Holm who ensures that everything is in the right place. He cites that proper customer care services have brought about tremendous growth in the company. Learn more: