Oncotarget’s Finds Health Hazards Along With E-Cigarette Usage

Ifran Rahman is the man. He has recently conducted a study that has deemed e-cigarette usage to be bad for your health. What’s so bad about it? The study conducted by the PHD holder in Environmental Medicine suggests that when vapors are released in the vaping process, they also release inflammatory proteins that upset the gum tissue at a molecular level. In addition to this, the flavoring chemicals have also been shows to effect the gums negatively when coupled with the vapors. It is also a bit unfortunate that they contain nicotine just like a real cigarette. This is bad because many users are under the false impression that e-cigs don’t have nicotine and that they are generally a healthy alternative to regular cigarettes when they simply are not. As more and more people continue to ignorantly consume the product and as they continue to grow in popularity, the more cumulative damage will result. The obvious danger of this continued behavior is that it leaves people more prone to oral diseases. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

To better understand and inform the public about the effects of consuming e-cigs, Professor Ifran Rahman hopes that the companies producing them will enlighten us with all the ingredients and components used in making them. So far this has not been the case and it drives Ifran Rahman up the wall. When you’re a medical superman like Ifran Rahman this kind of stuff keeps you up at night and wondering why you don’t just break into the buildings and stop the production yourself. Health is at stake and Ifran has made it his mission to uncover more hidden hazard potential involved in partaking in the vaping recreation. Why companies have not yet provided a full list of materials and ingredients used we don’t know. One can only speculate at this point.

Oncotarget is a journal that utilizes peer review to come up with more effective medical practices and protocols. It goes over the many studies seeking to find better ways of increasing patient satisfaction, honing in on therapy targets, and discovering the pathological routes of cancers. The peer to peer reviewed journal also tries to find better ways of managing treatment for patients. The exploration of tried evidence has been effective in improving medical care. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.