End Citizens United Works To Support Endorsed Candidates

End Citizens United has dedicated itself to promoting candidates that are fighting to reform financial reform in politics, and has brought issues related to reform to the public. This issue is so important to the group, because financial contributions eventually reflect themselves in the decisions and pieces of legislation that our elected officials push though. Each cycle, the group chooses to endorse those politicians that are running for office that represent the values of the group and its members.

With the number of local elections that are taking place throughout the year, there are constantly new individuals being added to the list. At any one time there can be up to fifty individuals being endorsed by End Citizens United at any one time, and the group is focused on pushing and campaigning for each and every one in their jurisdiction. No election is too small because the issues at stake here need addressing at every level of governance.

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End Citizens United is a political action committee that is entirely grassroots founded and funded, done so by concerned citizens that were tired of their elected officials being bought by leaders in every major industry. Their main goal was to reform the political campaign finance system, ensuring fair play and ending the practice of industry buying the elections. This area of reform is perhaps one of the most difficult to reform, because money and donations to a campaign can end any activity before it has even begun. Still, the PAC has focused on working to get pro-reform candidates elected, bringing the issue to the forefront in voters minds and the national news, to pass laws that will reform campaign finance, build the membership to build a sense of political power around the issue.

Already the issues raised have proven to be important to the general public, as proven by the incredible amount of financing and campaign funds raised for those the group has decided to endorse. Thousands of individuals have spoken with their wallets, creating a movement and giving the group the ability to endorse and make great strides in their support of candidates they believe in.

Source: https://ballotpedia.org/End_Citizens_United_PAC