Reasons Why Softbanks Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group is a Game Changer

On December 2017, Softbank made headlines around the world after completing the acquisition of Fortress. The Tokyo firm had interests in the USA alternative investment, and this was their best entry to this lucrative business. The deal was, however, the most interesting acquisition in the recent past because it gave the management team of Fortress the chance to continue working with investors in the USA and around the world. Some of the areas Fortress Investment Group will continue working on with various investors include the following.

Assets based investment continues to be the company’s number one priority over the years. In the last one decade, for example, Fortress has been the hub for the best decisions in the private equity investments, and according to the management of this company, 2019 will be a year of expansion and more investment in this important sector. Prior to the company’s investment in this niche, there was zero professionalism in this sector, and the operational structures for this niche were weak. Fortunately, Fortress Investment Group ensures that there is a professional and comprehensive approach to the evaluation of private assets and overall management.

Second, the company is synonymous with better approaches to capital markets. According to pundits, many management firms avoid this important niche primarily due to the professional requirements and volatility of capital markets. However, Fortress Investment Group has been on a journey to change this reality by injecting professionalism and more importantly expanding the range of its services. For example, the company offers services on how to manage and invest in low-risk ventures in the USA. These services complement the operations management that the company offers on various management areas within the corporate world.

Thirdly, Fortress Investment Group is the first company in the world of investment management to redesign the universal approach to mergers and acquisition. Currently, the company has the best formula on how to approach mergers and accusations regardless of the firms involved. According to the management of this firm, professionally approaching these two transitional services protects the interests of both parties. In addition, these services have made Fortress home to some of the best negotiators and evaluators.

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Agera Energy Has Quickly Grown Since Starting In 2014

The meaning of Agera Energy’s name is to “take action” and it does that through providing several energy options to people across the United States. The company has electricity and natural gas available, and it was formed in 2014. Agera Energy started when customers needed something different, and it gave them the protection that they needed in regard to their energy. Agera Energy has quickly become a popular company, with 700,000 accounts, and it always puts its customers first. There are under two hundred employees at Agera Energy. It is run out of New York and is a privately held company.

$55M patent purchase for HGGC

Recently, HGGC announced that it had completed the acquisition of RPX, a company that provides patent risk management services. This acquisition is a continuation of the expansion program that the company embarked on, and which has seen it sign significant deals with various companies. It comes at a time when there are many mergers and acquisitions, and therefore, you can see that they are trying to expand their base to stay ahead of the competition. With such additions, they will have access to even more markets, and that is one of the factors that will lead to revived growth.

More than 23,000 patents

Recent statistics showed that RPX had recently spent more than $2.5 billion to purchase more than 23,000 patents since its inception in 2008. It is such vibrancy that out it on the spotlight that later saw it become part of HGGC family. Looking at their performance, it is clear that they were one of the best targets for a company that is known for identifying the most viable companies to invest in. If you look at the most recent acquisitions, you will agree that they have something in common with RPX and therefore, HGGC still holds to its strategy.

The value of the purchase

According to the information for HGGC, the transaction was valued at $10.5 per share. This means that the total for the entire investment will be around $555 million. This is a huge figure, and it represents one of the biggest buyouts that the company has been involved in during the past few years. However, if you carefully look at the figures, you will agree that it was a good bargain especially when you consider the network that RPX enjoy and which will not be available to the new owners. It is a value that is likely to contribute to their success in the coming years.

HGCC also announced that after sealing this deal, they would be looking for more opportunities to expand their services. They said that their experts are always on the lookout for companies that share a common vision to their so that they can get into negotiations.

The Role of Jason Hope in the Community

Arizona is associated with top professionals in the American market. These professionals play a paramount role in ensuring that the country’s economy is running in the right direction. Jason Hope is among these individuals. Born and raised in this region of the country, Jason Hope spent his educational years busy with books. His career life has become fruitful because of the hard work he put in when he was a student. Jason has numerous titles in the American market. For many people, Jason Hope is a philanthropist, businessman, and futurist who want to make the world a better place than he found it. After leaving the university many years ago, the businessman started to teach the world about technology and how it could be used to enhance life. Hope has improved the lives of people and businesses with his ideas.

The internet of things brought a revolution in the world. The productivity of businesses increased because people chose to use this idea in their businesses. At the moment, large organizations have opted to take on internet of things so that they can serve their customers in the best way they can. Jason believes that is just the start of better and bigger things for the market. According to him, all institutions in the market must get ready for this change because it is going to be unavoidable in the future. Those institutions that have wise management in charge have already seen the positive impact the technology has brought since it was introduced. Big companies have to use this method for better productivity.

Jason Hope has also changed the anti-aging market using his skills. Just recently, the businessman donated his money to assist the SENS Foundation in making sure that anti-aging products that are introduced in the market are effective to the people using them. Millions of people are living in pain because of age related diseases, and Jason Hope felt that it was his duty to help. The businessman urges other people to invest their money in the industry so that a remedy for aging can be found as soon as possible.

How Jacob Gottlieb is Using Altium Capital to Impact Change in the Healthcare Investment Industry

The healthcare investment sector attributes most of its growth to the number of companies set up to support its causes. One of these ventures is Altium Capital, an NYC-based firm that invests on opportunities that impact growth in the industry. Jacob Gottlieb is the brains behind Altium, which operates as an investment fund. Gottlieb is on a mission of supporting ventures making fruitful health and medical advances through his company.

Altium Capital is reputable for investing in enterprises such as Oragenics, Amarin Corporation, and Oramed Pharmaceuticals. The company bought a 5.61 percent share in Oramed, which develops an oral treatment substitute for injectable diabetes medication. Oramed’s released ORMD-0801 and ORMD-0901 as its flagship orally ingestible insulin pills.

Altium invested in Arium for developing AMR-101, which is an FDA-approved omega-3 fatty acid prescription drug. Jacob Gottlieb is certain that Altium’s investment in Oragenics will help the company develop more therapies for oral diseases including oral mucositis. Oragenics has several patented technologies for developing antibiotics for tackling bacterial strains.

Jacob Gottlieb’s Career Background

Gottlieb started Visium Asset Management back in 2005 as a hedge fund. Visium’s value increased to $8 billion eleven years later as the company expanded to London, NYC and San Fransisco. Gottlieb also helped Balyasny Asset Management become profitable prior to his involvement with Visium. He worked as a buy-side analyst for Stanford C. Bernstein and a portfolio manager for NYC-based Merlin.

Jacob Gottlieb earned an MD from New York University and a BA in Economics from Brown University. He also took a medical internship before deciding to venture into the healthcare investment industry. The Professional Risk Managers’ International Association awarded him a P.R.M designation in 2010 nine years after he got his Chartered Financial Analyst certification from the reputable Association for Investment Management and Research. Gottlieb uses his investment and medical expertise to help Altium Capital choose suitable healthcare enterprises that need financial support.

Talkspaces Partnership with Michael Philips has Promoted Mental Health Awareness in the United States

Talkspace is a global leader in online therapy which is committed to avail therapy services to clients at the comfort of their homes. It is made up of highly trained and compassionate mental health staff who provides important insights to the public, support as well as valuable information.

In an effort to drive the mental health awareness campaign further, Talkspace partnered with Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps was expected to appear on TV and talk to the people about the importance of therapy and what Talkspace offers. Michael Phelps talked about his personal experiences. At one point, he struggled with anxiety and depression. If one gets to talk about what he is going through, it is easy to get help.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

Talkspace have taken mental health campaign to the next level through provision of therapy services through the web, text or even video. The company recognizes that once a person finds someone to talk to about mental issues, they will feel strengthened instead of feeling vulnerable. Talkspace has made sure that help is just a click away. The partnership between the company and Michael Philips is not only going to make aware of the unique services that Talkspace is offering, but also eliminate the stigma associated with mental issues.

Michael Phelps is committed to help anyone out there struggling with mental issues to go for therapy and get back on track. He has a powerful and inspiring story that he will use as a vehicle to educate Americans on the importance of therapy. Depression and other kinds of mental conditions does not discriminate against occupation, background, and the like. They affect literary anyone. Therefore, anyone can benefit a great deal from therapy services especially now that Talkspace has made them easily accessible.

Talkspace handles even complex issues relating to family, managing a cohabitation situation and even understanding a personality inventory.

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Cloudwick And The Rapid Development Of Machine Learning Technologies

Cloudwick machine learning experts are currently doing quite a lot to improve the modern state of artificial intelligence (AI) research. Despite the fact that AI has been portrayed negatively in popular culture, most experts agree that AI is one of the most important areas of contemporary scientific development. As machine learning becomes more sophisticated, people will be able to use AI to create remarkable new solutions for problems that have long dogged humankind.

Cloudwick has innovated by using AI to create a unique neural network that can stop data breaches in a timely, effective manner. By hiring some of the foremost machine learning experts working in information technology, Cloudwick has assembled a team that is making “Big Data as a service” an increasingly accepted methodology. Over the course of the next few years, it is likely that this company and others like it will continue to use innovative technologies to improve information security.

CDL remains the Cloudwick project that best represents this company’s leadership in machine learning. This security product protects client data by taking advantage of a proprietary AI neural network. CDL was released in tandem with a program called the Technology Partner Program (TPP). TPP is a full-fledged support system for CDL, a support system that provides comprehensive support for third-party vendors. In today’s business environment, simply gathering data is not enough to ensure proper market intelligence. Through TPP, Cloudwick has ensured that all customers and vendors are able to analyze data properly on an ongoing basis.

Companies like Cloudwick help keep our nation the world’s leader when it comes to information security and IT in general. As one can see from any number of recent news events, information insecurity is a matter of global concern. To maintain our primacy in the realm of network security, our school systems must produce an adequate number of graduates with proficiency in science, math and engineering. Fortunately, there are plenty of people currently working to strengthen and modernize our education system.q

Get Reliable Renewable Energy With The Stream Energy Network

There are many energy sources that have been unable to successfully meet the needs of their clients. However, the Stream Energy network has been able to gain a nationwide following of over 300,000 customers with renewable energy. Their customers have had an opportunity to lower their energy bills by at least 26 percent annually. Their founders, Pierre Koshajki and Rob Synder have introduced their energy resource at a time of Texas deregulation. The Stream network is proudly based in Dallas, Texas. You can also take advantage of their mobile phone service and home security feature by visiting their official website.

The Stream Energy Network Provides Disaster Relief In Puerto Rico

The category 5 hurricane hit hard in Puerto Rico devastating thousands of families. The hardest hit were the children that need energy to stay well and thrive. In fact, the massive storm has ravished the tiny island and has left thousands of groups without power. The Stream Energy network has been able to help them restore power to hundreds of homes. They have donated a generous amount of time and resources. Today, Puerto Rico is still in the process of rebuilding and cleaning up after the storm.

In fact, inclement weather across the country has created a need for cost savings on energy bills. They have come up with a Green Energy bill that allows their clients to reduce their bills. The goal is to offset the extremely hot tempatures and arctic cold that’s causing your HVAC unit to work very hard. All of their customers are eligible for their energy savings programs. The Patch program acts as another energy program to help low and moderate income customers. Their customer service professionals are there to help you with your account 24×7/365. You can also use their online application to help navigate your account features.

Earn extra money by visiting their affiliate program for more details on how to earn an extra income. The Stream Energy network gives their clients several reasons to join their popular energy resource network. Visit the official Stream website for more details today.

A Thousands Distributor of Jeunesse Global

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis co-founded Jeunesse Global in 2009 after they discovered the wonders of stem cells. After speaking with Dr. Nathan Newman about using stem cells to help Randy’s knee, Wendy discovered that the doctor was also promoting a skincare line to help people look as young as they feel. They combined their skills when the physician discovered the married couple had extensive experience creating successful businesses. Jeunesse Global has proven to be no different. The company has quickly grown to have a billion dollars in sales each year and it has thousands of distributors across the globe. The distributors are able to succeed so well because Randy has been committed to providing them with all of the network marketing knowledge he has gained over the years. Wendy has ensured that the distributors have a great product to sell.

They created the Youth Enhancing System that uses a synergistic approach to health and beauty. They have nine different product lines where each individual product line is focused on making a specific part of the body look or feel younger.

The star in the lineup is the Luminesce line. The skincare line was developed with dermatologists as well as Dr. Nathan Newman. The key ingredient in the serums and moisturizers is the APT-200. The formula contains 200 different growth factors that encourage skin cell turnover while also encouraging the skin to create more collagen and elastin. As people age, their skin begins to decrease the production of the two proteins causing it to sag and hang loosely on the bones. However, with APT-200, people are able to restore their youthful looking skin.

One of the products that has the most APT-200 in the formula is the Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum. The serum was created to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles while uncovering the youthful radiance of the skin. It also contains vitamins and antioxidants to help the skin have an even complexion. It also contains daily moisturizing complex that functions as a sunscreen as well. The daily moisturizing complex is SPF 30 and was formulated with APT-200 to help the skin stay vibrant all day long.

Why GreenSky is the future of Finance world

Fintech as alternative financial innovation is changing the face of the financial world. GreenSky  is one company that is defying the operational status quo in the financial world. With only 12 years in existence, the company has improved operational capacity, efficiency, and workforce. The GreenSky Company is now home to more than one thousand employees. The company’s top management, David Zalik (CEO), the vice chairperson -Gerry Benjamin and Tim Kaliban is one of the most experienced fintech managements.

How GreenSky  is different from other companies

The company has revolutionized the financial technology market. First, the company works with other financial institutions like the banks. This mode of operation is against the traditions where companies like GreenSky try to be alternatives. This mode of operation has given the company more resources as most of the funding is from the bigger banks. Second, David Zalik (who is the company CEO) holds a different view on IPO. This view is very different from the conventional view in the Silicon Valley. According to him, investors help the company in diversifying and efficiency.

Who qualifies for GreenSky ?

Since the company has a different business model, the credit qualification is unique. The company primary covers for home improvement and medical loans. Mainstream lending institutions rarely cover customers from this niche. Specifically for home loans, the reason for approval must be either remodeling, home automation, doors, and windows repairing or pools and spas. Alternatively, GreenSky  is one of the most flexible funding sources for medical funds and veterinary services. Some of the services are cosmetic and dental procedures. These services are rarely on insurances lists.

The Future of GreenSky  

For the last 12 years, the company has brought efficiency and it is a customer-centered company. The company’s management has been able to transform the highly risky business. Risks are one thing that was pushing potential clients from engaging Fintech companies. The business model of distributing risks has made a niche for the company. Since the company has created its niche in the financial world, the future can only be bright.