Securus Technologies A Correctional Company Trusted by Thousands of Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is known for developing some of the most remarkable correctional technologies that have not only helped in keeping the prisons safe but has also helped the inmates as well as the correctional officers in ways more than one. The inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies helps in keeping the inmates connected with the outside world and their friends and family members; whereas the investigative technology by Securus Technologies ensures that the correctional and law enforcement agencies can use technology to their advantage to arrest the criminals. Securus Technologies continually tries to develop new and advanced technologies for the corrections space, which would help in making the prison environment safer for the inmates as well as the corrections personnel.


The world of technology is progressing at a rapid pace, and unfortunately, the technology is used not only for positive actions and things but by criminals as well to carry out mischievous acts that put civilians in danger. One such example is the use of drones to supply contraband items to the prison. More and more correctional facilities have been reporting that the influx of contraband supplies has been increasing in the past few years, and it is primarily due to the increase in the use of drones by the criminals. The drones are the small flying objects that are used to survey as well as carry and transport a small number of loads. The drones used by the criminals have been supplying the inmates with the contraband supplies, which also includes drugs, weapons, cash, and contraband phones. If this supply route is not stopped, then the lives of many inmates as well as the corrections officers can be in danger.


Securus Technologies recently announced that it has started testing the drone detection technology in some of the correctional facilities it serves. At present, Securus Technologies has contracts with more than 3,500 correctional services, a number that is expected to grow further as the company is planning massive expansion beyond North America in the next few years. The results after the installation of the drone detection technology have been as expected and no unauthorized drones have been able to get through the security perimeter without being detected. Along with the drone detection technology, Securus Technologies also launched the wireless containment system that is designed by the company to eliminate the use of contraband phones inside the prison. Many prisoners are caught each year with the contraband phones, and it has been puzzling for the corrections officers as to where they get their contraband phones.


However, with the wireless containment system, the corrections officers can be sure that no contraband phones would ever be able to make or receive any call inside the prison. The technologies offered by Securus Technologies are futuristic, and the fact that they continue to upgrade it is why many correctional facilities trust the company blindly.



Dr. Saad Saad Hard Working and Excellent Paediatric Surgeon with a Heart of Gold

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the leading pediatric surgeons who has spent 47 years in the medical field before retiring. He has spent most of his life working for the benefit of his patient and aimed to provide the patient’s family with the comfort they needed during difficult times. In a recent interview, Dr. Saad shared some of the essential life lessons that have made him so successful in the medical industry for all these years. Learn more:



Dr. Saad spent his early childhood days in Palestine where he was born in the late 1940s. It was a difficult time for the locals there as they were being relocated because of the volatility in the political scenario. His father worked for a petroleum agency in the Middle East and used to travel for work a lot. It was during one such time that his mother had to leave her home with her eight children as they were being transferred to the West Bank and nothing but a few clothes. His father returned from work and could find them only after searching for them for many hours. His father was highly skilled mechanic whose services were in high demand during that time. He then moved to Kuwait with his family, and Dr. Saad spent most of his childhood there. It was during this time he learned that it is the skills and the education of a personthat matters the most and can help any person get out of a difficult situation.



Dr. Saad had an elder brother who worked at a construction site. He was still in high school that time and had no idea what he wanted to do in life. When he was sitting with his brother at the site seeing him work, he had a heat stroke and fainted. It was then he knew that he was not meant for labor work. During that time, there was just one place that had an air conditioner in the entire city, and it was the operating room at the hospital. It was then he put his hard work into becoming one of the best pediatric surgeons. It was his determination that led him to choose a career and work hard to achieve it.



Dr. Saad earned his medical degree from Cairo University and then came to England for an internship. After his internship was completed, he shifted base to the US and completed his residency in surgery and pediatric surgery after which he could practice in the United States. Apart from conducting many successful complicated surgeries, he was also an inventor and has a patent for two surgical procedures. He has also served at Medical Missions to Jerusalem where he performed surgeries for free to those from a low-income background.

Dick Devos is Top Leader in Business and is Known as a Mega-Philanthropist in Michigan

Devos is an extremely well-known name in Grand Rapids, Michigan as well as in the national Republican party. Richard Devos Sr. is the founder and CEO of Amway Corporation, and as Dick was being raised to take his father’s reigns in the company, but as fate would have it, his destiny changed.


In 1991, a plan from an investor emerged who wanted to build a convention center and sports arena north of downtown. When Dick heard of this, he was instantly reminded of the mass construction of the Pontiac Silverdome and the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit during the 1970s.


No sooner was the construction completed than the two professional ball teams, the Lions and Pistons, moved out of the city. The economic blow that Detroit took was huge, and Dick said that the lesson had been forgotten, and he wouldn’t let it happen to Grand Rapids, too. Immediately, he began lobbying against it, and the plan was stopped.


Dick DeVos, was CEO of Amway from 1993 to 2002, but while he was campaigning against the arena, he met several top businessmen who later formed “Grand Action,” that consisted of strategic business leaders who were also behind five significant milestones that were created in Grand Rapids: the DeVos Place Convention Center, the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Performance Hall, Michigan State University’s medical school and the Grand Rapids City Market.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have worked both together and independently throughout their careers to change institutions and state and local policies. These formed the structure of both Grand Rapids and Michigan. Under their leadership, the skyline of Grand Rapid has changed, but in addition to being a strategic businessman, the Devos Family Foundation has donated over $139 million since 1989.


The charities and causes they contributed to were directed toward political and education reform. They also contributed to arts and culture, health services, churches, and policy initiatives focused on charter schools. Dick Devos and his wife are known as mega-donors in the Republican Party, which has led them to be especially influencial in the political areana.


When Trump became the 45th president of the United States, he appointed Betsy Devos as the secretary of the U.S. Department of Education because of her experience in changing laws and stautes of the Michigan education system for the better. She is now proud to say that the poor children in Michigan have the same educational opportunities as her children.


Dick Devos is a talented pilot who founded a charter high school based in aviation on the Grand Rapids International Airport. This combined his love for flying with the charter high school that the Devoses worked so diligently in changing state statutes.


Dick and Betsy are not ashamed to say that they have had some failures, but as business leaders they refused to give up. Today, there are 24 states that have vouchers for private schools, so all children can have equal educations.


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Newswatch and Review: your consumer and business friend.

Newswatch is a fairly young trusted news company , who made its debut in 1990. In its dynamic style, the show keeps you updated on the latest gadgets on technology,

medical breakthroughs, finance, travel, new product introductions, public policy issues, entertainment, automotive, celebrities (over 650 so far), charities, legal issues and much more.

Also well known on almost all social media, Newswatch presently airs weekly mornings on the ION Network with bi-monthly episodes on The AMC Network. It can be reach by as many as 95 millions people from all over the US and major cities. It has won many prestigious awards, notably the “Telly Awards”. They are located in the Washington, DC area.

Is NewsWatch TV Legit? A Review of NewsWatch TV

However, Newswatch’s biggest attraction of all is the low cost of marketing, reviews, this company offers. Loved by small and big business alike, fortune 500 companies such as Sony, Panasonic, Audi, Google and Ford, just to name a few. While most other companies charge 20 to 30 thousands dollars for marketing on their shows, Newswatch charges a fraction of that, by smartly consulting the clients needs, location and demands of their products, therefore targeting a unique audience, keeping the budget inline with the one of the client, and by lowering the spending cost of business by keeping everything done “in house” by their own production team.


Newswatch is truly a pioneer in the news and marketing business for all people. And a true friend for businesses big and small, on track for a very bright consistent future.


Paul Wesleys’ Road to Success

Paul Wesley, even though he is just 35 years old, he has been making a name for himself as an actor, producer and a director. I’m sure that his parents Tomasz Wasilewski and Agnieszka Wesilewski are very proud of their son. Paul has a total of three siblings, one older sister Monika, and two younger sisters, Julia and Leah, he is the second child out of the four that his parents had.
paul wesley
Paul graduated high school in 2000, and after attending Rutgers University he was offered a lot of roles in theatrical that is when started noticing he had serious acting potential. He chose to stop his studies and pursue his abilities in acting. Paul’s’ confidence grew due to he kept landing acting jobs in many different series and with different networks.
paul wesley
Paul has many accomplishments on his road to success; he started acting, producing, and directing movies. Here are at least three of his accomplishments’. He produced and co-starred in the movie “Before I Disappear” which he was nominated for the Supporting Actor in 2014. This is about a troubled young man and his straight-laced niece who embarks on a thrilling odyssey through New York City, this is a heartrending drama. Paul is also is starring in the play “Cal in Camo” where he plays Flynt, which is Cal’s brother and has suffered severe tragedy and loss so he’s very vulnerable. Paul is playing in the romantic comedy film, Admira and Sam, where a cross-cultural love story about an army veteran whose unlikely romance with an Iraqi immigrant. The twist comes when she faces being deported. These are only three of Paul’s accomplishments on his way up the ladder.
paul wesley
Paul has a passion for acting, producing and directing that I am sure we have not heard the last of what he will do next. Paul is a very talented young man that still has a lot to give to his career. You have to hand it to him; once he found where he was most talented at, he pursued it to its fullest.

Jacob Gottlieb Son of Poland Immigrants Become Successful Fund Manager

Jacob Gottlieb Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Visium Asset Management LLC, the son of immigrants from Poland in the 1960s has become a very successful fund manager in New York City. Furthermore, Jacob graduated from Brown University located in Providence, Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Arts in economics. He began his successful career as a buy-side analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Company LLC. He developed the skill of picking stocks by analyzing and evaluating companies through-out their organization to determine winning stock picks. After successful advancement at Sanford C. Bernstein LLC, Jacob accepted an opportunity to work in London, England at Merlin Financial as an investment portfolio manager. His career began to advance forward in management and evaluation to the point that he became a founding member of a successful limited partnership, Balyasny Asset Management LP. As a result of that successful venture, Jacob Gottlieb, decided to start his own asset management company called Visium Asset Management LLC. America has a long history of immigrants arriving in the states and taking advantage of the opportunities and freedoms established in the US to generate opportunity and success for themselves and their families. In fact, his father Max Gottlieb Ph.D. is a professor of economics at City University located in New York City. As a result, Jacob was raised in a culture of economics from his father and a mother who work in the medical field. Furthermore, Jacob’s mother, Dr. Helena Gottlieb is a respected pediatrician in New York City. Jacob Gottlieb has a rare set of skill sets particularly due to the fact he also has a Doctor of Medicine Degree from New York University Medical School in New York City, New York where he graduated magna cum laude. After successfully completing an internal medicine internship at St Vincent’s Hospital located in New York City, New York, Jacob decided to pursue a career in financial management. Jacob Gottlieb, the son of Poland immigrants has become a very successful fund manager on Wall Street.


End Citizens United Works To Support Endorsed Candidates

End Citizens United has dedicated itself to promoting candidates that are fighting to reform financial reform in politics, and has brought issues related to reform to the public. This issue is so important to the group, because financial contributions eventually reflect themselves in the decisions and pieces of legislation that our elected officials push though. Each cycle, the group chooses to endorse those politicians that are running for office that represent the values of the group and its members.

With the number of local elections that are taking place throughout the year, there are constantly new individuals being added to the list. At any one time there can be up to fifty individuals being endorsed by End Citizens United at any one time, and the group is focused on pushing and campaigning for each and every one in their jurisdiction. No election is too small because the issues at stake here need addressing at every level of governance.

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End Citizens United is a political action committee that is entirely grassroots founded and funded, done so by concerned citizens that were tired of their elected officials being bought by leaders in every major industry. Their main goal was to reform the political campaign finance system, ensuring fair play and ending the practice of industry buying the elections. This area of reform is perhaps one of the most difficult to reform, because money and donations to a campaign can end any activity before it has even begun. Still, the PAC has focused on working to get pro-reform candidates elected, bringing the issue to the forefront in voters minds and the national news, to pass laws that will reform campaign finance, build the membership to build a sense of political power around the issue.

Already the issues raised have proven to be important to the general public, as proven by the incredible amount of financing and campaign funds raised for those the group has decided to endorse. Thousands of individuals have spoken with their wallets, creating a movement and giving the group the ability to endorse and make great strides in their support of candidates they believe in.