A Thousands Distributor of Jeunesse Global

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis co-founded Jeunesse Global in 2009 after they discovered the wonders of stem cells. After speaking with Dr. Nathan Newman about using stem cells to help Randy’s knee, Wendy discovered that the doctor was also promoting a skincare line to help people look as young as they feel. They combined their skills when the physician discovered the married couple had extensive experience creating successful businesses. Jeunesse Global has proven to be no different. The company has quickly grown to have a billion dollars in sales each year and it has thousands of distributors across the globe. The distributors are able to succeed so well because Randy has been committed to providing them with all of the network marketing knowledge he has gained over the years. Wendy has ensured that the distributors have a great product to sell.

They created the Youth Enhancing System that uses a synergistic approach to health and beauty. They have nine different product lines where each individual product line is focused on making a specific part of the body look or feel younger.

The star in the lineup is the Luminesce line. The skincare line was developed with dermatologists as well as Dr. Nathan Newman. The key ingredient in the serums and moisturizers is the APT-200. The formula contains 200 different growth factors that encourage skin cell turnover while also encouraging the skin to create more collagen and elastin. As people age, their skin begins to decrease the production of the two proteins causing it to sag and hang loosely on the bones. However, with APT-200, people are able to restore their youthful looking skin.

One of the products that has the most APT-200 in the formula is the Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum. The serum was created to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles while uncovering the youthful radiance of the skin. It also contains vitamins and antioxidants to help the skin have an even complexion. It also contains daily moisturizing complex that functions as a sunscreen as well. The daily moisturizing complex is SPF 30 and was formulated with APT-200 to help the skin stay vibrant all day long.


Use Freedom Checks For Great Returns

Freedom Checks are rising in popularity. That is because they offer a high return. You will want to get in on it too. Some people use the Trump Checks. The Trump Checks are an investment opportunity too. They do not offer that high of return on what you would need to put into it. Since you may have heard of Matt Badilia, you may have seen his video about how much money you can make when you invest in Freedom Checks.

Matt Badilia

This man is educated and experienced in the financial markets. With his impressive background, he is adept at knowing what the best investments are. You will be able to learn from his video because he makes it easy to understand. He is able to make quite a bit of money, and he wants others to know how to also. When he made his video about the Freedom Checks, many people used his knowledge to make themselves a lot of money. He wants them to be able to. Make sure that you follow his advice because he has proven it to be true.

Make Sure That You Have The Money To Invest

You will want to know that the money you invest will not be needed for something else. This is so that when you get the return on the money you invest, which can be substantial, you can use it for extra things and not for necessities. Making the most of your financial future is important, and you can do this with Freedom Checks. Remember to study all that you can about investing. You want to do the right things, and the more you know, the better you will do with it. Be sure that you have the money that you want for your future. Do everything that you can in order to be able to live well. Learn More.

Why GreenSky is the future of Finance world

Fintech as alternative financial innovation is changing the face of the financial world. GreenSky  is one company that is defying the operational status quo in the financial world. With only 12 years in existence, the company has improved operational capacity, efficiency, and workforce. The GreenSky Company is now home to more than one thousand employees. The company’s top management, David Zalik (CEO), the vice chairperson -Gerry Benjamin and Tim Kaliban is one of the most experienced fintech managements.

How GreenSky  is different from other companies

The company has revolutionized the financial technology market. First, the company works with other financial institutions like the banks. This mode of operation is against the traditions where companies like GreenSky try to be alternatives. This mode of operation has given the company more resources as most of the funding is from the bigger banks. Second, David Zalik (who is the company CEO) holds a different view on IPO. This view is very different from the conventional view in the Silicon Valley. According to him, investors help the company in diversifying and efficiency.

Who qualifies for GreenSky ?

Since the company has a different business model, the credit qualification is unique. The company primary covers for home improvement and medical loans. Mainstream lending institutions rarely cover customers from this niche. Specifically for home loans, the reason for approval must be either remodeling, home automation, doors, and windows repairing or pools and spas. Alternatively, GreenSky  is one of the most flexible funding sources for medical funds and veterinary services. Some of the services are cosmetic and dental procedures. These services are rarely on insurances lists.

The Future of GreenSky  

For the last 12 years, the company has brought efficiency and it is a customer-centered company. The company’s management has been able to transform the highly risky business. Risks are one thing that was pushing potential clients from engaging Fintech companies. The business model of distributing risks has made a niche for the company. Since the company has created its niche in the financial world, the future can only be bright.


Vinod Gupta Brings Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Vinod Gupta would be the first person to tell you that you don’t need to be born with a silver spoon in order to earn your way to giving your own children a set. Vinod Gupta is one of the most successful individual entrepreneurs in recent memory and the current CEO of the investment team at Everest Group has come a long way to get to this position.

Gupta knows his roots and decided to reflect on his past in order to help entrepreneurs find a way to guide their path toward the future. Let’s look at some Sage Business Advice based on the personal history of Gupta himself.

It all started with a bank loan of $100. You read that correctly, just one hundred dollars. Only a few years ago, Vinod Gupta sold his major business for a cool $680 million. There is obviously a long and elaborate story between those two financial points of interest but they serve to show that, right off of the bat, Gupta is someone with clout that is worth listening to.

When Gupta was born in 1946 in the small village of Rampur Manhyara in India, his daily dreams were having running water and electricity. While his parents worked hard to provide for him, Gupta realized that one day he’d have to work just as hard to give right back. After retiring from the Indian Air Force in 1967, Gupta would make his move to America with a scholarship. Gupta’s plans from the beginning were to work harder than anyone in the room while also working smarter. Gupta focused on market research and found success at Commodore Corp where he helped to craft a master directory of businesses that aided in business-to-business transactions. Gupta’s early ingenuity served him well as he harnessed his grinding effort and spread his abilities into a string of other industries, eventually finding the success that he has today. Visit This Page for related information.


View source: https://gazetteday.com/2018/05/vinod-gupta-lessons-business/



Sheldon Lavin Changing the course of the OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, the largest producer of processed food in the world. This company has a presence in almost every continent. Currently, it has done over 65 production plants in 17 countries. It has also partnered with many companies in different countries to deliver better services to the customer. The Forbes ranks the company among the largest private companies in the world with a value of $6.1 billion. The valuation of the company shows that it is not only doing well in the food industry but among other businesses as well. It is ranked number #58 in the top 10o.

The role of Sheldon Lavin

As the CEO of the company, Mr. Lavin is responsible for the overall management of the company. He is supposed to show the company the right direction in all aspects. A business is made up of many divisions, and as a CEO he is supposed to patch all the divisions together and come up with one solid plan that will lead to the development of the company. He is responsible for financing, operations as well as guiding the company on which direction to take regarding the expansion of services. The food industry is one of the hard to manage since you have to deal with immeasurable things. For instance, you cannot tell how many people will consume a certain product. You need to be very good as a manager to know that whatever you are releasing to the public will attract the profits the company deserve.

Assuming leadership role

Sheldon Lavin is a business leader with a good reputation. His reputation goes back to the day he joined the company. For our decade straight, he has managed to steer the company and made it move to a whole different level of growth. For the period he has been in the industry, he has taken up the role of management seriously and has excelled at it. His leadership at OSI Group is the best although there has been no other leader since he took over duties in 197. He left a profession as an investment manager and bank executive to work for this Company. He has given it his all, and the efforts have paid off.

Sheldon Lavin is the 2016 winner of the Global Visionary Award. He received this award for his accomplishments with OSI Group, which clearly need no explanation. The company has recorded unforeseeable success under his leadership.

Graeme Holm’s Achievements at Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm is the founder of Infinity Group Australia and came at a time when the people of Australia were on the lookout for an organization which would offer alternative credit facilities. The company decided to venture into the business world with a lot of passion. Graeme is also a renowned investment broker and has been ranked as the topmost aggressive brokers in the world. He possesses a masters degree in business administration and has been in the investment and financial industry for almost one decade now.


Infinity Group was established in 2013 and was able to offer alternative banking to members of Cronulla, Bella Vista, Melbourne and also Port Macquarie. Graeme Holm possesses a wide range of experience in the finance industry and has been able to bring tremendous changes at the company. He possesses incredible leadership skills that have been able to work together with over 5o employees who have subsequently been honored for their commitment and pursuit for excellence in the finance industry as well as the customer’s experience sector. He has been able to work with the world’s biggest banks that have introduced him to great reality in his career.



Graeme Holm introduced the company when he realized that the people of Australia had been receiving poor services in the banking sector. Having worked in the banking industry, he knew that a lot needed to be done for the benefit of the rising credits industry. He wanted to create a platform that would enable potential clients to feel that their desire to acquire cheap loans was fulfilled. Graeme was motivated by his wife Rebecca who also possessed a wide range of experience in the credit industry. The wife has had a passion for helping the Australians and they both united towards creating a firm foundation.


The primary services and activities being offered by the company was providing retirement solutions and also wealth creation. Since the establishment, the people of Australia have managed to pay off their loans in a fast manner. This is because of the support and the professional advice they receive from Infinity Group. The company can receive monthly reviews regarding their budget which makes them have discipline while investing their money.


Infinity Group under the leadership of Graeme Holm has managed to grow from strength to strength and has delivered the company through various challenges. He has been able to announce publicly that majority of investors love the company because of the affordable services they offer to their clients. Their clients have managed to spend their time very well with their families and have also been able to attend their jobs with the assurance that their bills are catered for.


Graeme Holm has been able to recognize and acknowledge the efforts applied by their customer services desk. They can market the company with their professional customer experience services under the committed leadership of Graeme Holm who ensures that everything is in the right place. He cites that proper customer care services have brought about tremendous growth in the company. Learn more: http://rgfrg.com.au/agents-about-us/


Gareth Henry Fights to Stop Homophobic Violence

Fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ community in Jamaica is quite different than it is for those in the community of the United States. After 3 attacks by police officers, the badminton player Gareth Henry is more aware of this than most people. After the third attack, he knew that he had to leave his country in order to save his life from the violent, homophobic police brutality.

After the incident made the news on an international level, Canada granted the social justice activist asylum in their country. Gareth Henry finally found himself safe from the streets of Jamaica. Unfortunately, stories like that of Gareth Henry are rather rare in the country. Most of the young men and women in the LGBTQ community do not have the same type of opportunities as him and are forced to live in hiding.

Working with the Rainbow Road, Gareth Henry devotes much of his life to trying to help the young men and women out of dangerous situations in countries that will not accept them for who they are. In addition, he is an adamant advocate for people living with HIV and AIDS. Many people have not experienced or witnessed the atrocities that he has and he wants the world to know about the fear that many people in his community live in every moment of the day.

While leading the first group in Jamaica that championed the rights of the LGBTQ community, Henry experienced the loss of 13 friends. Each of these men and women was killed due to homophobia in the country of Jamaica. Due to the fact that many of them did not have families that would associate with them, he was the one that identified several of their bodies. Gareth Henry believes that the governments of countries like Jamaica should be held accountable for the violence their LGBTQ communities face at the hands of law enforcement. Until law enforcement stops committing these acts of violence against the LGBTQ community and starts protecting their right to simply live their lives, they will always be forced to live in fear.

The Understanding in the Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank

Diversification has been one of the main strengths of SoftBank. Since its inception in September 1981, SoftBank has consistently enjoyed success after success. The bank has invested in different sectors such as telecommunication, media, finance, and e-commerce technology. Under the leadership of its founder, Masayoshi Son, the Japanese bank has undoubtedly put its mark in the banking industry. To cement its place, SoftBank has recently acquired Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group is one of the leading assets management firms in the world. The Group was founded in 1998 by Randy Nardone, CEO, and Wes Edens, co-chair the firm. In the two decades that the firm has been around, the staff in Fortress have been working diligently. This hard work has led to more people seeking its services. Currently, Fortress has 1750 institutional and private clients.

In the acquisition deal, SoftBank came to an understanding that the operations of Fortress won’t be affected. In line with this understanding, the headquarters of Fortress Investment Group remained in New York City. The effect of this agreement means that SoftBank won’t be involved in the managing of the $ 40 billion worth of assets that Fortress manages.

One may then pose, why folk out all that money yet have an inactive role in the running of the firm? This understanding was one of the conditions that the Committee on Foreign Investments gave for the acquisition to occur. The agency is charged with the duty of over sighting transactions that involve over-sees companies. Also, for SoftBank to seal the deal, they had to pay $8.08 per share which was a 39% percent premium for each share.

Other than this acquisition, Fortress Investment Group has been making positive headlines in the recent past. In 2007, Fortress rose to fame by being the first private entity firm to be publicly traded. It also became that first private entity firm to be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Wes Edens noted that the firm is still okay with this new development as it was looking to go entirely private. The co-chair said that they are excited to start the new chapter.

SoftBank has also recently acquired a technology investment fund, Vision Fund. This company is the largest technology fund, valued at $93 billion. This acquisition has been raising some speculation on how the fund will be relating to Fortress Investment Group. But this has been resolved by an understanding that both companies will be working alongside each other but independently.


Aloha Construction & Shervin Pishevar: How are they similar?

Aloha Construction is a family-owned company and has businesses in both Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. They offer services that cover the basis of home improvement projects, such as: Roofing Repair, Carpet Cleaning, Mold Removal, Bathroom Repair, etc. It was founded in 2008 and after completing over 20,000 projects, and exceeding customer expectations, they were awarded a very prestigious award. Just last year, the Better Business Bureau, which is a non-profit organization that reports on business accreditation, awarded them the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. Ethics is such an important quality to have, especially for a company. Aloha Construction showed their dedication through and through by prioritizing their customers and putting community, first.

Shervin Pishevar, a Managing Director at Investment company , is based in San Francisco, and like Aloha Construction, prides their customers over business. In addition to managing his company, Shervin Pishevar is also an investor in companies, such as: Uber, Airbnb, ipsy, and many more, which in turn, has resulted in a huge capital profit. Shervin Pishevar was also chosen, out of 100 candidates, to be chosen by the U.S. Government as an Outstanding American by choice, and was one of the only naturalized Americans to be selected since the inception of the award!Shervin Pishevar, just like founder Dave Farbaky of Aloha Construction, care more about quality than quantity, and put customers first.

Crunchbase, a place where people can learn how to invest, discover the details that are involved in operating a business, as well as industry trends, provide a wide range of articles at the disposal of the public. There are 100’s of articles, and while it was difficult to choose a favorite, were the Universities to go to if Business is the plan of action! It can be tough to choose the right school to go to for the career path chosen, and this article does the work for you! It lists the Top Universities and Business Schools in America to attend, and has a significant amount of detail.

The RealReal: Its Massive Influence in the Second Hand Market

Selling designer goods through online websites has become rampant today. Most people have no time to go to the physical stores to get some goods. The nature of work cannot allow them to do so, yet, they still need these things. However, online websites have become a solution to most of the purchasing problems people face today. The RealReal is an online consignment shop that has become famous for making purchasing opportunities efficient and easier for people. The company CEO, Julie Wainwright, says plans to expand the company are ongoing. She says seeing the company get some more online presence for shoppers is her main focus.

IPO is about to come, and Julie says she needs to have raised over 100 million dollars before this happens. Although The RealReal has a greater reputation in the private sector, it aims at being more appealing to the public investors. Julie notes that the online website is set to make its move toward the major market. The growth the second-hand market has achieved for its designer or luxury goods is inestimable. According to most of the company’s private investors, more growth is expected. This will increase the company’s returns on investments. The investors also anticipate that the company will increase the sale of the luxury goods in the second-hand market.

The company has also identified another way of selling luxurious goods. With a consignment business model, The RealReal is good to go. Most of the high ticket items supplied to this company find a ready market. Customers find many luxurious goods placed for sale on the company’s website. The seller takes 60 percent of the profit while the company takes the rest. With this online consignment shop, the market for lavish second-hand goods is about to expand. The RealReal has its valuation offices in Washington, D.C., Chicago, L.A., New York, and San Francisco. More than 800 employees work in this company.