High School: Real Life Vs Anime


High School. It’s difficult enough. The classes have gotten harder, you feel like you’re not getting smarter, the pressure of your future is looming over you, and weird stuff is happening with your body. It can be stressful. It doesn’t help that a guy like Sakamato is being so cool. Or zombies are attacking the windows. Or that your entire school is filled with powerful martial artists ready to fight at a moment’s notice. Ok, so high school anime might be a little different than your experience.


Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto follows the journey of Sakamato imparting his perfections on his fellow students with unparalleled grace. The story follows him as he goes about completing normal high school tasks with style and elegance leaving his fellow students in awe. The best part, Sakamato is completely oblivious to all of it.


High School of The Dead is a wonderfully zombie anime experience. Ripe with plenty of fan-service, the story follows six high school survivors who attempt to shoot, slice, and smash their way to survival.  Also one of the best horror anime I’ve ever seen.


Tenjo Tenge follows the ascent of Souichiro Nagi and Bob Makihara as they attempt to take control of Toudou Academy. Unbeknownest to them, the school is filled with powerful fighters who soon humble their attempts.


So in comparison, how bad was your high school experience really?

David Giertz Gives Advice to Fellow Financial Advisors about a Difficult Topic

Social Security is a topic many financial advisors neglect to address to their clients. Why is this? David Giertz, from Nationwide Financial, talked with the Wall Street Journal about the complexity of the issue. There are over 200 rules and regulations that Social Security has, says Giertz, which makes it an aspect of finance that many advisors do not feel confident about. To optimize retirement income, social security should be at the forefront, because if taken too early a client could lose up to $300,000 in their savings on Twitter. David Giertz tells financial advisors that they had better study up on social security so their clients don’t leave them and they lose valuable assets.

David Giertz is a broker from Dublin, Ohio that has over 30 years’ experience in the business and has passed 4 exams, making him up to date on current regulations. Giertz is registered with FINRA as a broker. He is the senior vice president of Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Financial and has been since 2013.

He has spoken with many publications about the importance of having a deep knowledge of social security for the benefit of clients on CNBC.com. There are many mistakes that a retiring client can make involving their investments and their money, and it shocked Giertz to learn that very few financial advisors have the wherewithal to communication effectively with clients about the importance of social security. Since having a lack of knowledge in this area can cause many clients to leave, David Giertz has attempted to advise financial counselors and institutions about the importance of making social security a priority. And in this current economy, good advice from financial advisors is key so that you have the financial security you need to weather any storm.

Source: https://vimeo.com/davidgiertz

Lori Senecal, The Marketing Guru

Lori Senecal is a popular marketing professional and a chief executive officer. She has achieved a lot in her career. Lori is passionate about writing new ideas and marketing. She is interested in photography, entrepreneurship, politics, and technology. Her range of interests blends in with her career. This makes her an admirable person. She is ranked by Ad Week as one of the highly-paid individuals with an impressive profile. Her determination and expertise have enabled her to build her career from scratch to where it is now. Lori has sat on different boards with different governs in her line of duty, and this has enabled her to develop an interest in politics.

Lori is the president of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners. Kirshenbaum Senecal is a company that advises firms on methods of marketing and creating a lasting brand name in the industry. She has worked with some of the reputable organizations in the world including BMW. Her work is incomparable. She offers services that other businesses do not provide. The role of marketing in any firm cannot be underestimated. Consumers love to be associated with a brand in this new era. This leaves companies with no option other than to develop strategies to improve their products. Lori enables these companies to facilitate their visions by advising them on the best marketing strategies.

Lori’s experience demonstrates that her leadership capability cannot be compared with other leaders. Her ability to develop other people and tapping the best of their skills makes it easy for her to work towards achieving her professional goals. Her zeal and determination to be the best have given her the authority that she commands as a profession. She has managed to make what many people would not achieve when given the challenge.

Lori has proven to be hardworking and smart at what she does. She interlinks technology with marketing and produces the best blend for the current market. Avoiding to embrace technology in industries makes a company irrelevant in the current market. Lori creates marketing strategies using the technological advances that are at her exposure. She enjoys discovering and writing about new ideas. This is a peculiar character that enables her to manage all her roles and give her the best without being resourceful in any of her roles. Lori is a model of the rewards that come along with hard work and persistence.

Reference: https://about.me/lori-senecal-official

Customer Happiness Is Number One To Fabletics

With Amazon consuming 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market, it’s hard to get in the business. This makes the success of Fabletics all the more amazing. Kate Hudson’s brand has grown into a $250 million business in just three years, taking action on the ever-growing ‘activewear’ movement. By using a simple subscription mechanic, they deliver individualized fashion to members, with added convenience.



Historically, brands have been deemed high-value as defined primarily by their quality and price. With the world of the internet growing, a shift in those economics has happened. Now, things like customer experience, exclusive design, last-mile service, and brand recognition are becoming more and more important. Fabletics’ simple design has allowed them to become a high-value brand.



The simple mechanic of their business has proved successful for Fabletics. The company keeps opening more and more physical stores, with no plans to slow down soon. General Manager Gregg Throgmartin believes their secret lies in how their membership model allows them to give each customer a personalized service at half the price of their competitors.



Even Fabletics’ stores are different. While most places are getting destroyed by showrooming, Fabletics switched the model. Usually people browse offline but then go home and buy them cheaper online when they get home. Because of the unique way Fabletics started out, up to 50 percent of the people who walk in their store are already members. Another quarter will become members before they leave. Fabletics intertwines customers’ shopping carts, integrating their choices in their dressing room and their choices in their online carts. It doesn’t matter to Fabletics if you buy in-store or online, as long as you’re a member.



Fabletics even stocks their shelves based on local data. They take data about what local members like and their social preferences, deciding what to stock on their shelves with that information. This adds to the company’s already guaranteed personalized service. Last-mile service and customer experience is the end game.



From the customers’ stand point, Fabletics is simple yet personal. Customers love that as a member, you get 2-3 pieces of clothing each month and skip a month without being charged. After taking surveys that ask you what kinds of exercise you do and what kinds of outfits you like, Fabletics matches the results and creates a list of suggestions for you.



As far as the quality is concerned, the product is well worth the price. There is a wide variety of options for each customer, from simple to bold, sheer to solid. Their unlimited options make it easy for each customer to customize each outfit to their taste. The value of each brand is unquestionable, saving the customer time and money by providing them with an easy service.



Fabletics offers customers many choices, from outfit choices to skipping a month of payment. For die-hard exercise enthusiasts, they’ve got everything necessary. For those who may not have the need to have new activewear each month, skipping is always an option. At Fabletics, it’s all about the customer.

The Leading Ingredient In Your Shampoo May Be Doing Serious Harm To Your Hair

With the majority of women washing their hair with shampoo on a daily basis, it’s safe to say that women want hair that’s clean, healthy and free of impurities. However, the shampoo that you put in your hair may be causing serious damage thanks to one ingredient.

It’s called sodium lauryl sulfate and almost every commercial shampoo uses it as its leading ingredient. This ingredient is responsible for the foamy lather that you experience while you wash your hair.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a harsh detergent that is used in commercial floor cleaners and dish soap. What this ingredient does is bond together grease and dirt that can be easily rinsed out with water.

The problem with sodium lauryl sulfate is that it strips hair of its natural protective oils that keep it healthy and soft. In other words, this ingredient results in significant dryness and damage.

If you have been using commercial shampoo all your life and find that your hair is dry and damaged, it’s time to throw out the bottle and start using a cleansing conditioner instead. Cleansing conditioners get hair efficiently clean using only natural ingredients. These hair care products do not use sodium lauryl sulfate.

One of the best cleansing conditioners on the market is made by WEN by Chaz. The 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner and detangler. Using only natural ingredients, this product won’t strip your hair of its natural oils. Instead, hair will be clean and deeply moisturized, resulting in soft, silky and manageable hair. Those who use WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner notice a significant change in their hair’s texture and appearance in just one week.

If you want to undo years of damage caused by sodium lauryl sulfate, switch to a cleansing conditioner. Your hair will begin to transform into the luxurious, silky tresses of your dreams. WEN products are widely available online on Wen.com as well as in many select retail stores such as Sephora, all across the world.

For more info, visit: http://chazdean.com/.